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27 Mar 2017

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Transparency International-Canada is pleased with the decision by the Ontario Supreme Court to sentence Nazir Karigar to three years in prison term for his role in a plan to bribe officials in India. A prison term of this length marks an important development in Canada’s enforcement of the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and sends a signal to directors, executives and employees of their potential personal exposure for unlawful conduct in international business transactions. In addition, TI-Canada believes this sentence reinforces the need for companies to have robust compliance and training programs for their employees, agents, subcontractors, and any other third parties with whom companies are involved in business transactions abroad and at home.

Globe & Mail – 23 May 2014 –
Ottawa man handed three-year sentence in landmark bribery case
Nazi Karigar was found guilty last fall for his role in a plan to bribe Indian officials

Canadian Lawyer Magazine – 23 May 2014 –
Karigar handed three-years in jail in bribery case
First Canadian sentenced under Canada’s Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act